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What causes Wood Rot?

Wood RotWood Rot or Dry Rot is the result of Fungi feeding on the nutrients found in Wood.
The Fungi spores lie dormant in organic materials such as wood but do not begin to germinate until certain requirements are met. These requirements are Oxygen, temperatures in the 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit range, sufficient moisture and a supply of food… the Wood. If the moisture content is high enough the growth of the Fungi extends through the wood via a network of fine tentacle like threads called Mycelium. At this time, some of the filaments penetrate below the Woods surface, first softening and then destroying the wood.

A Roof Leak into your warm Attic Space is the perfect environment for Wood Rot
to accrue Infection of Fungi can be prevented by eliminating any one of these requirements. The most effective “method” of preventing Fungal deterioration of wood is to keep it dry.

Roof Decking Wood Rot

Rafter Tail Wood RotSome of the more common Wood Rot problems we correct are;
Rotted Roof Decking around Roof Protrusions and at Roof Transitions. These areas include Chimneys, Vent Pipes, Roof Vents, Roof Fans and Skylights. Another common area is at the bottom edge of Roof Decking. This is usually caused by Ice Damming. Ice dams occur when snow melts near the ridge lines of warm roofs (roofs without adequate ventilation). As the water runs down the roof to the overhang, it cools and freezes. If the snow continues this melt and freeze process, an ice dam can form and water will pool at the dam, allowing water to seep under the shingles to the decking, promoting the growth of Fungi and causing the Wood Roof Decking to rot.
Other areas include Fascia Boards and Rafters.

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