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Early Detection is Key

Roof Maintenance is often the most neglected area of a Roof Management Program.
It’s also the single most important factor for prolonging the life span and cost of a Roof System.
Adept Roofing offer Roof Maintenance Services that can add years to the life to your existing Roof System. When your Roof is left unattended, Roof Leaks can cause damage to your building’s interior such as wallpaper, drywall, plaster walls and ceilings and even cause structural deterioration.

Regular Preventative Maintenance

We recommend regular roof maintenance of 1 to 2 times a year. This will prevent the build up of leaves, branches, dirt, and pieces of old roofing material from piling up in roof valleys and behind chimneys, skylights and pipe vents. This debris can change the direction of water flow and cause leaks. During the maintenance visits, issues such as missing and damaged shingles, damaged flashing, cracked chimney mortar caps and worn pipe vent flanges can be identified and addresses before they because more serious problems. Regular Roof Maintenance of Slate Roofs, Wood Shake & Flat Roofing Systems are particularly helpful at preventing small defects become expensive headaches. Our Roof Maintenance Service will ensure these issues are identified and eliminated before problems arise and costly damages occur.

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Maintenance Performed

  • Clean all debris from the surface of the roof.
  • Check all flashing’s and make sure that they are not deteriorated and there are no holes in them.
  • Re-seal any Loose Shingle Tabs.
  • Replace any Damaged Shingles.
  • Keep all Gutter free of debris. Make sure that the downspouts are draining properly.
  • Trim back any overhanging tree branches.
  • Check all caulking and sealants. Scrape and remove any caulking that is weather cracked and damaged. Clean the area thoroughly. Reapply caulking to area.
  • Check the mortar on chimneys and parapet walls, both in between the brick and on top.

Adept Roofing provides their clients with Professional Roof Maintenance Services.
All work is performed by the owner of Adept Roofing to ensure the job performed correctly.
We provide detailed written estimates, reasonable prices, our work is always of the highest quality, completed in a timely manor and our job site’s are always left neat and clean.

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