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Reduce the need for Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Guard Installations / Lehigh Valley, PA
Installing a Gutter Guard System is a great way to reduce the need of frequent gutter cleanings. Many manufactures of gutter guards boast “Never Clean Your Gutters Again” but we have found this is not 100% accurate information. When properly installed, a good system will reduce the need for gutter cleanings from twice a year to once every 10 years.
Most systems work using the same basic principle. The surface of the Gutter Guard have small holes, screens or mesh that block all large debris likely to clog the gutters while allowing water to flow free.

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Choosing a System

We’re happy to install any brand Gutter Guard system you like but we have found that Shur Flo Gutter Guards are a nice balance of cost and function. The Shur Flo system works well in heavy rain conditions and are very cost efficient when compared to many of the other brands.
Shur Flo System will fit all 5K and 6K style gutter and will work with most roof types including asphalt, slate, metal, wood shake and tile roofs.
Shur Flo’s are made of aluminum so they will never rust, distort or degrade over time like some of the lower end gutter guards do. Shur Flow Gutter Guards are attached to your gutters with self tapping screws, this helps the gutter guards resilient to squirrels, birds and high winds.
Shur Flo Gutter Guards
Learning the cost of Gutter Guard installation is easy, fast and free.
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