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Mortar Cap Restorations & Chimney Repairs

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Chimney Repairs should be performed at the first sign of trouble to prevent the price of repairs from skyrocket. The weakest point on a chimney is the chimney mortar cap. Maintain the chimney cap and you will drasticly reduce the risk or costly damages throughout the life of the chimney.

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Cracked Chimney Mortar Cap

A Chimney Mortar Cap is the angled masonry surface on the top of a Chimney. The mortar cap is designed to prevent water from pooling on the otherwise flat surface of the chimney. This mortar surface will crack over time due to natural settling and exposure to the elements. If cracks in the chimney mortar cap are not repaired, spalling can occur. Spalling will eventually lead to crumbling and destruction of a chimney.
Chimney Repairs | Before and After Chimney Mortar Cap

Signs of Failing Mortar Cap

It’s always an excellent idea to have a professional come out periodicity to inspect the roof and chimney. That said, here are a few things to look for on your own:

  • Bricks cracking and flaking away
  • Spots of white chalky residue on the brick
  • Brick & mortar debris collecting at base of chimney

Chimney Repair Warning Signs | flaking, chalky, debris
If you see any of these signs you should have your chimney evaluated by a professional impatiently.

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