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Importance Of Proper Attic Ventilation

A properly Ventilated Attic Space extends the life of your homes Roof. Proper Roof Ventilation will remove heat and moisture from the Attic Space. Attic Ventilation promotes airflow and the hot damp air is allowed to escape.

Effects of Improper Ventilation

If an Attic is not properly ventilated, trapped heat and moisture can raise energy costs, cause ice dams, promote the growth of Fungi and damage your Roof System. Condensation inside Attics can be caused by the use of washing machines, dish washers, bath tubs, showers, and driers unless these items are properly ventilated through the roof. In some cases the condensation can be bad enough to be mistaken for a roof leak.
Plywood Roof Decks can warp and become very spongy due to condensation breaking down the adhesives used in the plywood. When this happens the roofing nails are no longer held tightly

  • High inside humidity combined with low outside temperatures can cause frost to form at the bottom of the roof deck.
  • Condensation can promote of certain molds, spores, and fungi which feed on the organic materials like wood, causing Wood Rot / Dry Rot.
  • The roof system itself will deteriorate.
  • Ice Dams – ice dams are the result of melting snow continually refreezing at the roof perimeter and then backing up under the shingles and causing leaks. Proper ventilation will help eliminate ice dams.
  • Adept Roofing offer the installation of many types of Attic Vents.
    There are Static Roof Vents, Power Fans, Ridge Vents, Turbine Vents, Soffit vents and Gable Vents. These Vents come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, shapes and colors.

To properly ventilate your Attic, two types of vents should be used.

Intake Vents (usually Soffit Vents) allow fresh air into the attic.
Exhaust Vents, which are located near or on the ridge line of the roof and allow air to leave the attic.
The use of an exhaust vent in conjunction with an intake vent uses the natural forces of wind pressure and thermal effect to ventilate the attic space.

Adept Roofing provides their clients with Professional Attic Ventilation Solutions.
All work is performed by the owner of Adept Roofing to ensure the job is done correctly.
We provide detailed written estimates, reasonable prices, our work is always of the highest quality, completed in a timely manor and our job site’s are always left neat and clean.