Storm Damage Repairs in Lehigh Valley PA

Storm Damage Repairs

Asphalt Shingle Blow Off Repairs

Storm Damaged Roof / Lehigh Valley, PA
When severe weather strikes, you may suddenly find yourself in need of Emergency Storm Damage Repairs. The most common damages experienced are shingle blow offs. This is when high velocity winds blow the shingles loose from the roof decking. Shingle blow offs can usually be repaired without the need of a complete roof replacement. In circumstances where more then 20% of the shingles are missing and must be replaced, we recommend a total replacement of your shingle roof.

It is always a good idea to visually inspect your roof from the ground after every storm or heavy winds. If you spot missing or damages shingles, don’t wait for a wet spot to appear on your ceiling to get the roof repaired. It may take the water weeks or even months before it makes an appearance inside the home, by that time much of the interior structure beneath the roof decking (rafters, insulation, etc) will have been damp long enough to promote Wood Rot and Mold. Waiting to make repairs will only increase the likelihood of more damages to your home and more repair costs.

Emergency Tarp Services

After the storm passes you may be forced to wait for your insurance company to inspect the damages caused by the storm before they authorize the repairs to be made. While you are waiting, missing shingles or holes in the roof decking caused by fallen trees and limbs can allow water to flood into your home. To avoid these further costly damages we offer a the installation of temporary tarps to cover the damages areas of your home. The fees for the Emergency Tarp Service are in nearly every instance will be paid by your insurance company. Prices vary depending on the size of the tarp needed, pitch of the roof and time of day or night the service is rendered.

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