Missing Shingles in Lehigh Valley PA

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Replace Those Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles
Missing Shingles, Slipped Shingle is more then just an eye-sore, it’s a Roof Leak waiting to happen.
It’s a good idea to walk around your home and visually inspect your Roof for defects like Shingle Slipping at least once a year. Never wait for water stains to appear on your ceiling to tell you there’s a problem with your homes Roof. If you notice Slipped Shingles on your Roof, it is best not to hesitate to seek Repair as soon as possible to prevent a Roof Leak occurring. Slipped Shingles are a common occurrence with Roof Types such as Slate Roofs, Cedar Shake Roofs and especially Asphalt Shingle Roofs. Slipped Shingle Repair calls are one of the most common calls we get. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Slipped Shingles are fairly easy to fix and under normal circumstances (depending on Roof Pitch, Shingle Type and Number of Shingles in need of Repair) it will not cost you much to have this problem fixed.

What is a Slipped Shingle?

“Slipped Shingle” is the term used to describe a Roofing Shingle that is no longer securely fastened or nailed to the Roof Decking. Improper nailing of the Roofing Shingles and the aid of gravity, wind is permitted to blow the Shingle far enough to tear the nails from the Shingle. Once this occurs, the Shingle begins to slide out of place. If the Slipped Shingle/s is not corrected, the effected Shingle will continue to slide and eventually will fall to the ground leaving an area of your homes Roof unprotected from the elements, this will lead to water penetrating through the Roof Structure and into the living space of your home.

What Causes Shingles to Fall out of Place?

Asphalt Shingle – The most
common cause of Slipped Shingles on Asphalt Shingle Roofs is
Improper Nailing Technique.

1.) The Shingles were not nailed in the correct areas of the Shingle. Usually this means the nails were placed too high on the Shingle
giving the wind leverage to blow
the Shingle upward and pull the nails free prematurely.

2.) The Pneumatic Roofing Gun pressure was set too high.
Typically, the tank pressure should not exceed 90 psi. Running the guns on a high pressure will result in overdrawn nails or nails blowing through the shingles

3.) Installer did not use the recommended amount of nails per Shingle. This is a practice called “Skip Nailing” used by some Roof Installers trying to save time and hustle through the Roofing Process.

Adept Roofing provide their clients with Professional Roof Repair Services.
All work is performed by the owner of Adept Roofing to ensure the job is done correctly.
We provide detailed written estimates, reasonable prices, our work is always of the highest quality, completed in a timely manor and our job site’s are always left neat and clean.