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Slate Roof Repair
Slate Repairs will prolong the life of you’re existing Slate Roof.
If you own a home with a Slate Roof in the Lehigh Valley, chances are it’s 60-80 years old. Owners of slate roofs can expect their roof to last up to 125-135 years. Annual slate repairs and maintenance will increase your chances of reaching the full life expectancy.

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Lehigh Valley Slate Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Slate Roof Maintenance consists mainly of replacing broken, cracked and missing slate shingles. Other issues commonly addressed are repairing damaged and missing flashing around roof protrusions like chimneys and pipe vents. These repairs should be addressed quickly to avoid water damages to the structures under the roofing such as sheeting and framing.

Proper Equipment

We use the proper equipment during every repair. Specialized equipment ensure additional damages to the slate roof does not occur. That equipment include Ridge Ladders or “Chicken Ladders“. Unlike other types of roofing systems, slate roofs should not be walked on due to the fact that they can crack and break easily if too much weight is applied. These types of ladders distribute weight evenly over a large area greatly reducing the risk of damages. Stand Off attachments on out ladders ensure we will not dent and scratch your gutters or damage the bottom courses of slate.
An experienced slater will also use the proper materials and
When repairing slate we always use the correct materials such as copper & stainless steal nails, slate hooks and flashing.
All our repair work is conducted using industry standard techniques.

Slate Repair Fails

Over the years we have seen a lot of bad slate repair practices. Most are done by people that did not know what they were doing or just did not care to do the job correctly.
The most commonly seen “Slate Repair Fail” is slate face nailing. This is when a brand new replacement slate is put into place and then is fastened by driving a nail through the face of the slate. The nail is then tared or caulked to prevent water from leaking through the nail.
Another Common Slate Repair Fail is the use of a tab of aluminum, copper or tin bent in the shape or a hook to hold the slate in place. This does not work because over time the makeshift hook will straighten over time and the slate will fall out of place. A stainless steel or copper slate hook should always be used instead.

Slate  Misinformation

It is common practice for many in the roofing industry to falsely inform Slate Roof owners that their roof is in need of full replacement. It’s been said that the worst enemy of Slate Roofs are the Roofing Contractors themselves. It is much more profitable to completely replace a roof then to repair. The temptation to misinform customers and make a quick buck is to great for some to resist. Always get a second opinion before you decide to fully replace your slate roof, it could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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